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1616$ profit in 10 days with 2200$ Deposit

1616$ profit within three weeks with total of 2200$ deposit. First Artificial Intelligence empowered trading robot with Machine learning algorithms. Best and most accurate trading system available right now.

What is Profit?

An activity’s profit may be defined as the amount of money that a firm can earn if its revenue is greater than its expenditures, costs, and tax liabilities.

In Forex Trading, Profit is what you get after Buying and Selling a specific currency.

The formula for determining profit is total revenue minus total costs. In Forex Trading Total revenue is generated when the position is closed.

363$ profit in 4 days


How Vantage PointX Generates Profit?

Vantage point X is automated Trading robot, which automatically executes trades. It is fully automated that you do not have to worry about anything. First AI empowered trading system open trade itself when certain condition is met and close he trade when in profit.

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