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Vantage point x  and NFP

Non Farm Payroll

Traders rely heavily on the NFP to make predictions about future economic conditions and determine their investment decisions. This can be a difficult time for traders as they try to figure out what kind of trades they should make before the release date because there is no way of telling what direction it will go after it releases.


Does VantagepointX trade Non Farm Payroll (NFP) Event?

VantagepointX is a best trading robot  which analyze the market and take trades accordingly. VantagepointX analyzes the previous historic data and predict the NFP data  with accuracy that guarantee successful trades! You will never regret trying it out! NFP is an acronym for “non-farm payrolls”, the number of people in America who are working outside of agricultural jobs. 

Do We need to close VantagepointX during NFP event?

You do not need to close VantagePointX during NFP day. VPX works best in Volatile market and it gives best results on NFP during to high accurate predictive ability.


Non Farm Payroll data release and trading is a topic that the markets are very interested in. The Non Farm Payroll data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics every month has an effect on how traders will trade stocks, currencies, or futures contracts for that day. Traders rely heavily on the NFP to make predictions about future economic conditions and determine their investment decisions. This can be a difficult time for traders as they try to figure out what kind of trades they should make before the release date because there is no way of telling what direction it will go after it releases.

Forex trading on non farm payroll is an act of speculating on the unemployment rate. Non-Farm Payroll Report (NFP) is a government report that covers hiring and employment non-farming related workers in the United States. This report influences the price of non farm payroll, which is very popular among traders.

When non farm payroll reports were first released, there was no way to trade it with Forex because of its unpredictability. The future non farm payroll depended greatly on political actions like presidential elections or elections of congress members. Although many forex traders tried to predict non farm payrolls, it wasn’t until 2010 when non farm payrolls could be traded with Forex without worrying too much about politics associated with this report.


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What is non farm payrolls ?

The non farm payrolls are released every month at 8:30 EST on the first Friday of the following month. This non farm payroll release can affect any currency pair, but EUR/USD is the most popularly traded with non-farm report.

The non farm payroll shows how many jobs were added to the non-agriculture sector in the United States over a certain period of time. As mentioned earlier, forex traders trade this number by predicting how many new jobs will be added or subtracted in this upcoming non-farm payroll information. The more jobs that are expected to be added, the better chance there is for an increase in price of EUR/USD because more people will have jobs and be earning more, therefore expanding the economy.

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What non farm payrolls are not?

Non Farm Payrolls is not to be confused with non-farm jobs or non-farming jobs . They all do mean non-agriculture sector but non-farm jobs and non farm payrolls can mean different things depending on who you talk to. Non-Farm Jobs refer to only non-farming related workers in the United States while non farm payroll can also include government employees and people working for private households. New non farm payroll data comes out every month so traders have something new to look forward to at the beginning of each month, although this information cannot always be predicted. The NFP release date may vary by a week depending on the non farm payrolls holidays that may occur.

There are other non-farm reports like non-farm household data which includes non-farming jobs but also non-farming related workers in private households. These non farm reports can help predict non farm payroll better because information about non farm jobs, government employees and private households are all reported at the same time so it is less complicated to predict what will happen to these services or employment opportunities by looking at one report.

How do I trade non-farm payrolls?

If you want to trade non-farm payrolls, first learn how to use a trading platform like Metatrader . This software will display indicators that help traders see if the market sentiment is bullish or bearish . After the non-farm payrolls are released at 8:30 EST on the first Friday of every month, non farm hourly jobs indicator can be used to see how many non farm job positions there are. If non farm hourly jobs is increasing this means that more people will have jobs and each non-farming related worker could be earning roughly $22 per hour which makes up about $40,000 per year before taxes. This information could affect the price of non-farm payroll because traders watch for any change in non farm hourly jobs indicator by looking for green or red bars after the NFP release. If non farm payroll bar is green then you should expect an increase in EUR/USD price because there’s a good chance that the non farm payrolls will be positive and decrease the non-farm jobless rate.

If non farm hourly jobs indicator shows red bars then non farm payroll might be negative which means that there’s a chance for non-farm jobless rates to go up because more people are not employed or as many as were employed before, therefore decreasing non-farming related worker salary from $22 per hour to something lower like $15 per hour. This kind of non-farm payroll information can reflect negatively on EUR/USD price but it is not always true. Non Farm Payrolls release can also affect other currencies besides just EUR/USD so traders should learn about other non farm reports .


How non farm payrolls affect EUR/USD?

Non Farm Payrolls release date may vary depending on non farm payroll holidays but non-farm jobless rate can be used as a basis to estimate non farm jobs and non-farming related worker salary. If the non farm jobless rate decreases then there’s a chance for non-farm hourly wage to increase so this affects EUR/USD price in either direction. If non farm payrolls are negative though, this could result in lower non-farming related wages which would probably decrease EUR/USD price. Non farm payroll is reported at 8:30 EST every first Friday of the month so find out what time it is released in your country before trading! It is very important to understand non farm reports and non-farm payrolls to make more accurate trading decisions.


Forex trading on non farm payroll, including non-farm hourly jobs indicator, can be profitable if people know when non-farming reports come out and learn more about how these numbers affect currency prices

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